Terms & Conditions

Lolok Please Important Terms & Conditions

The following terms apply to your participation in the DISH Refer-A-Friend Program ("Program") offered by DISH Network L.L.C. ("DISH" or "we"). By participating in the Program, you agree to comply with these terms (“Program Terms”).

The Program is separate from any other rewards or loyalty program previously or currently offered by DISH, and is subject to the Residential Customer Agreement (“RCA”) you entered into with DISH. These Program Terms do not alter in any way the terms or conditions of any other agreement you may have with DISH for products, services, or otherwise, including, without limitation, the RCA. The RCA is incorporated by reference herein and contains additional terms and conditions. The RCA is available online at http://www.lolokplease.com/legal.

You and DISH agree that any and all disputes arising out of, relating to, or concerning the Program will be resolved through mandatory and binding arbitration pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the RCA.

The Program is a points-based referral program operated by DISH where you can earn points by referring friends and family to sign up for DISH services and products. See How To Earn Points for more details. Points can be redeemed for rewards using the MyDISH app or visiting http://www.mydish.com/refer. By participating in the Program, you authorize DISH to collect, maintain, use, process, and share their information, including, without limitation, names, email addresses, physical addresses, account and other information in accordance with DISH’s Privacy Policy. DISH’s Privacy Policy which may be viewed at http://www.lolokplease.com/legal.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? By enrolling in the Program, you are accepting the Terms, and agree that you:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Read and understood these Program Terms
  • Are a Current DISH subscriber in good standing with a MyDish account
  • Are a resident of the United States (certain restrictions may apply for residents of US territories or otherwise in accordance with applicable local law)

If you do not agree to the Program Terms, you must stop participating in the Program.


Every time you refer someone to DISH, you must tell that person that you will receive points if they sign up as a DISH subscriber. Telling people you refer that you earn points is a legal requirement. Failure to comply may result in losing your points and may be a violation of laws enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. You can use the default language provided to share referral code, but at least use: "I get free points if you subscribe using my referral code.”


You are limited in the way you may talk/write about the Program. You must create and distribute any e-mail, social media, or other communication providing a referral invitation in a personal, non-commercial manner that is appropriate and customary for communications with friends and family members. Bulk e-mail distribution, distribution to strangers, or any other promotion of your personal referral link or code that would constitute, or appear to constitute, unsolicited commercial e-mail or spam under any applicable law or regulation is a violation of these Program Terms and may result in your immediate termination from the Program, disqualification from future participation, and forfeiture of any rewards accrued to you as a result of participation in this Program, but not yet redeemed. You must not, without DISH’s written permission, include any DISH trademarks or other DISH materials in your communications (unless as otherwise provided by DISH to you) about this Program and you must not use any domain names or e-mail addresses that include DISH, its marks or its web site URLs. The content of all your communications about this Program must be yours alone. Do not misrepresent or embellish your relationship with DISH or write, say or post anything you know is untrue or may be misleading. Do not make performance, price or other claims about DISH services. And, if someone has asked you to stop sending them messages about DISH, respect that wish. You should not send referrals to people that you do not personally know.