November that month of the year when every other guy has an excuse, an extra reason to grow their beards. That month when every other day we only find articles on how to groom that perfect beard. What products are to be used and social media filled with guy selfie with an hashtag of No shave November.

So why do we celebrate No shave November and why not on any other month.
When this movement got popular and entered Indian internet as like any other popular trend , people started following it without even knowing why was it for, in the beginning. But, soon everyone started catching up and many started coming up with theories like it is for spreading awareness or some said it is to save money normally we spend on grooming and to give that money away into charity. But what is the history behind this No shave November which we all so ethically celebrate.

It's a mix of both the popular theories about it, No-Shave November was a tradition for recent years, until one family was affected by cancer and decided to use No-Shave November to raise money for cancer research.According to the official website of No-Shave November, the Hill family, eight children from Chicago, lost their father, Matthew Hill in November 2007 to colon cancer. Struck by tragedy, these children decided to start a charity that uses No-Shave November to raise money for cancer research. The Hill family partners with the following organizations: Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Together, they search for a cure for cancer.

You may ask, “how does it work?” The process is simple. Guys let their facial hair grow for a month and avoid shaving for the month of November. Ladies let the hair on their legs grow and they avoid shaving their legs or waxing for the month of November.Any money guys and girls would normally spend on razors and shaving cream could be donated to aid the search for a cure to cancer.

Simple right, Not actually according to a survey Men all over the world instead of saving the money by not shaving their facial hair are infact spending way more then they usually do throughout the year on grooming and the amount of money even No-shave organisation is able to collect through the charity over this period too is negligible. As a matter of fact whatever the amount they happen to collect over this one month is through their online shopping portal. All of it just goes to say do we really care about whatever movements that happen around us or are we just hungry to jump over the bandwagon of that movement and whoop in some likes on social media.


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