Yaasssss at last Tollywood's very own buddy comedy, and worry not like any other buddy comedy it's about the buddies finding their inner self's in a chaos of situations and rest assured it doesn't disappoint a bit.

Ee nagaraniki emayindi is the story of four childhood buddies vivek, karthik, koushik & Uppi who after failing to make a short film during their college days go on to pursue their own careers until koushik decides to get married and all four meet again to celebrate things go completely haywire and all of them end up in goa the next day morning after a drunken night. what happens next is a total wreck and would look ridiculous on paper hence i request you to witness the madness in theatres itself.

Although the film being a lot fun, filled with one liners each worthy of becoming their own memes , having scenes which wouldn't make an inch sense if not for these characters. Still calling it a comedy movie seems kinda inappropriate cause this movie isn't just about that, it's more layered then it let's out. Especially the back stories especially those featuring Vivek and Karthik, themselves feel like mini-movies. It’s this drama and the emotional bond between them, that holds their friendship and also the film together. Tharun has his own way of introducing and familiarising us with the lead characters, and it takes a while to get used to the tone of the narrative.This story is about how delicate relationships are , even the deepest friendships. 

Why you should watch ENE :

Casting : the casting couldn't have been more solid all of the four buddies : Vishwak, Sai Shushanth, Abhinav & Venkatesh have a certain chemistry which every gang has through years of friendship. Which actually shows through on screen and these guys actually look the part which is half part done for the filmmaker.

Music : Vivek Sagar is ❤️. No he's literally there everywhere in the film. Don't believe me watch the film and read this again I'll make sense then. He sets up the mood for every scenario so beautifully you just don't want the montages to come to an end.

Cinematography : Niketh Bommi stands out in every frame from the opening slow- mo sequence to the end credit sequence with Vijay Deverkonda, he makes it look Immersive AF and boy does it pay.

Sound Design : just like Pellichupulu ENE is also made through sync sound, but here the sound Design makes us notice it as it covers even the minutest of details and it is this that makes ENE a unique experience too.

- because it's Tharun Bhasckar da !!!
No literally this guy is acing everything he's trying to do in the movie. The dialogues are amaze balls, they feel so real that at some point you'll feel did he actually write it or recorded actually gang's conversations it and used them. Screenplay as simple as it seems is actually backed by proper back stories and layered narrative.

What's not upto the mark ?

- the slow Mo's seem a bit repetitive in the first half.
- ‎the ladies of the movie seem a bit uncredited to what they are due off. The film also obviously doesn't pass the bechdel test too.
- ‎simran chowdary doesn't feel like she fits the bill either

Ee Nagaraniki emayindi is everything it promises and even more , although it would be compared to Pellichupulu. It still doesn't try to get shadowed out by that . ENE tries to make its point in it's own way and that way is through winning hearts. ENE is a rollercoaster of emotions and tharun Bhasckar makes you embrace them all.

PS :: Abhinav Gommatam is the take away talent from this movie he's literally Koushik 2.0 and shines through out the film.


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