Are you bored of visiting the same old restaurants with dim lights and furniture? Then, this is an interesting list of some very Unique Theme Based Restaurants in Hyderabad which will give you a different enviornment to dine in and add on to your overall experience of Dining with Friends & Family.

Different restaurants have different approaches towards decor, according it various levels of importance. Today, however, more and more restaurant owners are beginning to realize that ambiance is almost as important to customers (and reviewers) as the food and service. In fact, almost every second review devotes some space to the restaurant's interiors. Standing out from the crowd is important and a theme goes a long way in making that happen. We find that Hyderabad, interestingly, has a particularly eclectic collection of restaurants that are focusing not just on flavour but on "feel" through their decor.

1) Moonshine Project

Have you seen the film Little Miss Sunshine? If you have, you'll immediately like the place, what with the family-size van parked here. The decor manages to pull off a perfect blend of rough-hewn and modern, and there's always rock music playing in the background. There's a DJ on weekends.

2) Social District

Funky is the word that springs to your mind when you visit this marvellous place. Purely urban themed, with smooth tunes always playing, you'll feel like you're in a music video here.

3)The Pirate Brew

This is the closest you'll probably get to feeling like Jack Sparrow. Trussed up to look like a pirate ship with bunk-like seating, Pirate Brew also offers great food and top-notch service and we guarantee you'll be saying "ahoy matey" more than once to this restaurant.

4) Silver Metro

The Ohri’s group is known for its best-themed restaurants all over the city. Most of their designs are intricately and aesthetically done. One can make out that an immense amount of hard work has been put into creating all their decors and silver metro is proof enough. As you walk down the steep stairs of the restaurant, a huge train welcomes you with stimulating aromas spreading across the platform! The interiors are bright and lively making it a great place to dine in. The cuisines available here are North Indian and Continental. Food is absolutely delicious and the dish to try here is the Methi Chicken.

5) Gufaa

Right above Silver Metro is a dark, earthy and a wildlife kind of a space called Gufaa, which is just opposite the bright decors of Metro. Trust Ohri’s for coming up with innovative and a variety of themes! If you look closely, the restaurant looks like a den amidst a forest with artificial animals all around, along with a lot of greenery. This tribal themed restaurant has been here for many years and has its loyal set of customers. The cuisines offered here are North Indian and Mughlai. Pricing again is quite affordable.

6) Ohri's 70mm :

If you’re a Bollywood freak then this is the place for you! One, the place is spacious and large and two, a lot of hard work and thought has been put into creating the right feel. On one end you would find Helen posing in a golden cage and on another end there is Nargis and Raj Kapoor doing a Pyar Hua Ikrar Hua number! There are private sections as well to enjoy a quiet meal. Buffets are available for both lunch and dinner throughout the week with quite a large spread.

7) Grand Trunk Road

  The entire place gives you a dhaba feel with vibrant colours splashed across it. It leaves you mesmerised looking at all the lovely detailing given to the décor. The outdoor area is quite decent too and would be a perfect setting for the evenings. North Indian and Chinese is what they serve here and have also recently started the Sunday brunch due to a lot of demand. Must-tries here are the Sarso da Saag, Dal Maska and Butter Chicken

8) Olive Bistro

This place is top notch when it comes to authentic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine along with the visually appealing setting and ambience that overlooks the secret lake. If you’re a first time visitor, finding this restaurant can take you a while. They have Sunday brunches along with frat nights, karaoke nights almost every other week with live musical performances as well. There’s never a dull moment!

9) Village

Theme: Rural India

‎What’s this world coming to? All that the cities have given us are pollution, and yes-the mini skirts. But I’m telling you, nothing beats the life in a village, so calming to the nerves and ennobling the heart. There’s this restaurant called Village. They seem to know what I am talking about. They have a whole lot of amazing veg dishes inspired by authentic Indian cuisines. And these guys are very thoughtful-which is how villagers are unlike urban dwellers who don’t really care about anyone else. The restaurant people are thoughtful because they cared to add some lovely touches like fortune-telling by an astrologer and colourful bangles the kind of which are found in the village melas

10) Eatmore 70mm

Theme: Bollywood

You know what’s the most heart-breaking thing is?-It’s dreaming of becoming a film star and ending up becoming an accountant in a PR Firm. Senior Accountant. So, maybe it’s not so bad…
Besides, I sometimes go to Eatmore 70mm, this unique restaurant done up in a Bollywood theme. The posters on the walls are right from when I started dreaming of the silver-scree: Raaz, Bobby, Don..and they also have mannequins of many characters from movies. Visiting Eatmore is a consolation of sorts. And as if they read my mind they have these cute humorous one-liners abut food which make me laugh.
Not that I’d require any consolation. Of course, my wife is so chubby now she doesn’t look anything like the person I married and the kids are turning out to be far more than what I bargained for. Maybe it’s not the life of a film star but still, I’m not complaining. I mean, there’s Eatmore to visit, right? Seriously, I’m not complaining…


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