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LoL Ok Please creates & curates progressive & new age stories that young Indians around the world can relate to. Watch amazing drama web series and the funniest comedy sketches from India. Discover, watch, share and download the latest videos from LoL Ok Please and the best Telugu digital creators

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Now Streaming on LoL Ok Please - Latest, full episodes of DJ women, DJ Talkies, Lol ok please, Thopudu Bandi, What the Lolli.

DJ Talkies

DJ Talkies, which presents the roller coastal ride of emotions in a unique way to bring a smile on your face. We connect you to laughing sessions to a dramatic notion and maintain a perfect bridge of all the emotions to make you happy, where we can see that broad smile on your face.

DJ women

Telugu Women Centric channel for entertainment that celebrates relatable, Real, funny & interesting stories about Women, which probably has never been told.

What the Lolli

A Millennial Focussed News & Lifestyle Channel. Today, life happens on timelines. And the stories on our timelines--sometimes, they change our lives. Hop on to know who is trending on your timeline today.

Thopudu Bandi

A New Age Comedy Channel for the Indian millennial - edgy, irreverent, funny videos and web-series. Packed with humour that men of all ages will enjoy.